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The Procurement Service
Putting money back into Education
The Procurement Service has over 20 years experience in commissioning public sector goods and services and in contract management. As part of Birmingham City Council, we are able to award contracts th...

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Governor Opportunity : explore your school’s curriculum offer in light of current Ofsted recommendations
19 Nov
Ambitious Curriculum and Cultural Capital for all Outline This course will provide governors with the opportunity to explore their own school’s curriculum offer in the light of current Ofsted recommendations Aimed at: All governors, especially those leading or with a focus on the curriculum. Leaders, managers and those responsible for governance have a duty to ensure that the education provided by the school has a positive impact on all its pupils. There is also an expectation that school leaders adopt or construct a curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give all learners, particularly those at a disadvantage, the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. Description This course will provide governors with the opportunity to explore their own school’s curriculum offer in the light of current Ofsted recommendations and help them identify and recognise positive examples of impact when visiting their schools or talking with school leaders. Specifically, the course covers: an exploration of Cultural Capital; how an ambitious curriculum can lead to both improved standards and an enhanced impact on children’s and young people’s life chances, including their readiness for the next stage in their education, training or employment; what Ofsted expects; key questions and lines of enquiry to explore with the school leadership team and how knowledge gleaned from monitoring activities can influence the school’s own self-evaluation. Booking Information This training costs £120 per delegate for governors of schools who subscribe to School & Governor Support, and £150 for those who don't. Secure your place here:
G4S - 2020 cash collections
11 Nov
G4S 2020 collections for subscribers of The Procurement Service - ONLY For all subscribers of The Procurement Service who use the G4S contract please download and complete a 2020 service planner to ensure collections are made in 2020. If you are unsure whether you subscribe to The Procurement Service or would like to discuss subscription options please contact the CPS helpdesk on : 0121 464 8000 | Completed service planners should be emailed directly to: Download your G4S Service Planner for 2020 collections here. Please note service planners take up to 10 working days to action. To avoid delays in processing your request please ensure you quote the below information: Customer Name : BIRMINGHAM CITY COUNCIL Customer Site Name : FULL NAME OF SCHOOL Contract/Account No : 2230674 Postcode of site : xxxx School Contact Name : xxxx School Contact Number : xxxx MISSED COLLECTIONS To raise a missed call please contact G4S Customer Services on 0844 800 4205, ideally on the day of the missed collection to rearrange. G4S Customer Services | 0844 800 4205 |
Cityserve - Your Civic Catering Service
07 Nov
Here at Cityserve we feed over 50,000 children within a 90 minute window every school day, and we buy around £10m worth of food every year! We exist solely to support the nutritional wellbeing of students and we do not make profits from children We adhere to the School Food Plan and ensure all of our food is fresh and nutritious We work with students to understand what they want to eat and make sure that it meets the required standards of school food compliance Our flexible menus comply with the Soil Association’s food for life catering mark requirements. By creating healthy, nutritious meals, CITYSERVE is able to positively influence students’ perceptions of food and taste. Healthy eating is a continuous theme throughout all of our menus and we are committed to the wellbeing of students. Eating in School should be a pleasurable experience; time well spent sharing good food with peers and teachers. Eating a healthy and nutritious meal is important in maintaining concentration and helping to contribute towards an excellent learning environment.