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CITYSERVE: Proudly feeding children and maintaining their schools for the benefit of local communities
We are the leading provider of non-education services to schools in Birmingham. Working in true mutual partnership is paramount and the work is purposeful because it has a positive impact on the child...

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Estimated meter reads
11 Dec
Meter Readings To minimise the need for estimations and to ensure correct billing, please submit your meter reads regularly. When should I send my meter reads? Meter reads can be submitted at any time, but for accurate billing please submit: Electricity meter reads: between 20th and 28th of each month Gas meter reads: from 25th to the last day of each month How do I give you my meter reads? 1 - The easiest way to submit meter reads is online by clicking here. 2 - You can also do this by calling our Customer Care Team on 0333 003 7874, selecting option 3, then option 1 for gas / option 2 for electricity. 3 - Alternatively, email your meter reads to GP.redhill.WME.BirminghamCity@totalgp.com along with your MPAN/MPR and account number. If you have any queries regarding your readings or billing please call the Customer Services Team on 01737 275693 (Gas) or 01737 275630 (Power). Useful links: PORTAL : https://services.totalgp.com/cas-web/login?service=https%3A%2F%2Fservices.totalgp.com%2Fc%2Fportal%2Flogin FAQS: https://services.totalgp.com/web/tgp/faq/ Tips – High Consumption during school holidays? Causes * The heating is left running during the school holidays and weekends. Weekend and holiday use should be close to zero, with only a small amount of gas used to prevent the water pipes from freezing in really cold weather. * Your thermostats are turned up too high. A 1C decrease in temperature on the thermostat leads to about a 10% decrease in gas consumption. * Your heating comes on too early in the morning. It is normally adequate for your heating to come on between 5.30 to 6.30am. * Your hot water system is left running all year round. What could you do? * Reduce your heating and hot water during the school holidays to as low as 5C * Turn down the thermostat by 1C or more. * Set the boiler to come on later in the morning.
04 Dec
Waterplus - Notice for centrally paid sites Due to ongoing issues with Waterplus consolidated billing, Birmingham City Council have requested all sites to be unconsolidated and billed directly. Letters have been issued by Waterplus advising schools that a new account has been set up from 3rd November 2019. All invoices will now be sent directly to schools for payment. Water Meter Readings Please ensure that you take a reading from your water meter(s) as Waterplus will otherwise estimate your water usage. Water meter readings should be sent directly to Water Plus: 0345 072 6072 | service@water-plus.co.uk Can you move suppliers for water? BCC does not have a contract for water and therefore you are able to move water suppliers. In order to ensure compliance with procurement regulations we would suggest looking into the below framework available from Crown Commercial Services: www.crowncommercial.gov.uk/agreements/rm3790
Bulk buy discount on rock salt for schools
03 Dec
Winter has truly arrived - be prepared! Our contracted supplier, Nobisco Ltd, is offering a special bulk buy discount for Birmingham schools. White de-icing rock salt The 25KG bags for easy distribution & storage Salt leaves little or no residue Offer ends - 22nd March 2020, Contact Nobisco to place your order: 0121 328 3889 | sales@nobisco.co.uk www.nobisco.co.uk To view the full list of all contracted suppliers, visit Birmingham Education Support Services website here.
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Training & Events

12 Dec
Educational Visits Co-ordinator Training - Revalidation - 12th December 2019
The course aims and objectives cover the following areas: Support your establishment to run more high quality visits.. Ensure that your establishment meets your employer's requirements and OEAP National Guidance for visit managment. Share experience and good practice. Identify action points to follow up when you return to your establishment. To achieve these airms and objectives, throughout the course, you will examine the following areas. Core areas. Roles. Benefits of educational visits. Legal expectations. Planning , leading and evaluating visits. Risk benefit assessment. Participant questions. There are many changes including BCC Policy and Guidance on Educational Visits and learning Outside the Classroom that also links to the Outdoor Education Advisers Panel National Guidance www.oeapng.info . Please look at these resources prior to the training course
16 Dec
FGM: Understanding Your Role in Safeguarding Girls, Engaging Parents and Teaching About FGM
Understanding your Role in Safeguarding Girls, Engaging Parents and Teaching about FGM
18 Dec
Duty Holder Training
As duty holders you have building and compliance related responsibilities. This includes management of asbestos, legionella, contractors, keeping an up to date Property Logbook, completing statutory testing of equipment and plant, and following the landlord approval process. In order to support Local Authority Schools and raise awareness about such responsibilities we have been delivering a series of Duty Holder Training sessions. The training is also beneficial and available to academies. The Duty Holder training covers health and safety legislation, management of asbestos, legionella and contractors. The one day training session will also include information about statutory testing of equipment and plant, property logbook and the Council (landlord) approval process. The training session will be led by an experienced Local Authority Safety Officer and be held at 1 Lancaster Circus, Birmingham B4 7DJ. Registration begins at 8.45 for a prompt start at 9.15. Sandwiches will be provided for lunch and the session is scheduled to finish at 16.00. PLEASE NOTE THAT SUBSCRIBERS TO OUR TRADED SERVICES OPTION 2 ARE ENTITLED TO SEND ONE FREE DELEGATE PER SUBSCRIPTION YEAR TO ATTEND THIS COURSE (the free course place will automatically show when making a booking).