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Waste and Recycling options for schools and academies
13 Feb
Birmingham City Council commercial waste is by far the greenest waste provider in the Birmingham area. With regards to general refuse we have an exclusively owned ERF (Energy from Waste) plant that is located only 1 mile from the city centre. In short this means that waste is diverted 100% from landfill. We are the only local waste contractor to have this facility which means that our customers waste will not travel outside the West Midlands. Other local contractors will either use landfill sites or need to export outside the UK. Waste companies that are using the export route will be increasing their charges as there will be a cost implication after Brexit. Birmingham City Council have a partnership with Smurfit Kappa, meaning that all paper and cardboard stays within the West Midlands and is not exported to China for example. We can also offer Mixed Recycling, which includes: Glass, plastics, tin cans etc. This is: · Collected and taken to one of our three waste transfer stations · Then transferred to our clean local Material-Recycling-Facility (MRF). Part of a UK circular economy - plastic milk bottles are back on the shelf within three months of you recycling of them In summary Birmingham City Council offers: · Waste/Recycling will remain local and not be exported · All waste will be 100% diverted from landfill · Best options for recycling Contact our friendly team on 0121 303 2894 | commercialwaste@birmingham.gov.uk | www.birminghameducationsupportservices.co.uk/Services/4445
Contract update: Office removals
10 Feb
Please note Movecorp Limited are no longer a provider for the provision of office removals. You may continue to use : Harrow Green Limited | 0121 326 0810 | www.harrowgreen.com View all contracted suppliers here : www.birminghameducationsupportservices.co.uk/Page/10927
Book your Spring term training
13 Dec
JANUARY 2020 Fire Marshal Training - 07 Jan Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (Requalification – 2Day) - 08 & 09 Jan Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work – (3 Day) 10, 15 &16 Jan Training for Primary school staff on Harmful Sexual Behaviour - 13 Jan Food Safety Online- Level 2 - 13 Jan Training for Secondary school staff on Harmful Sexual Behaviour -13 Jan HR Portal Form Raiser Training - 14 Jan (MIDAS) Minibus Driving (Refresher) - 14 Jan Dangers of the DAESH Inspired Extremism - 14 Jan Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) Training -15 Jan Birmingham UNICEF RRSA Achieving Bronze - 15 Jan Fire Marshal Training - 15 Jan School Aged Violence Education - 15 Jan Customer Care for General Assistants - 20 Jan Training for Secondary school staff on Harmful Sexual Behaviour - 21 Jan Equipping Duty Holders in Schools to Manage Risks Better - 22 Jan Educational Visits Co-ordinator Training - 22 Jan FAST-track to Attendance & Case Study Workshop - 22 Jan (MIDAS)Minibus Driving (FULL) - 23 Jan Educational Visits Co-ordinator Training - Revalidation -24 Jan Induction Training for New School Governors -25 Jan FREE - Clean Air Cops - 29 Jan Analyse School Performance - 29 Jan Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP) -30 Jan Safeguarding Briefings and Workshops - Northfield (Spring Term 2020) - 31 Jan FEBRUARY 2020 Safeguarding Briefings and Workshops - Erdington (Spring Term 2020) - 03 Feb Safeguarding Briefings and Workshops - Hodge Hill (Spring Term 2020) - 04 Feb Risk Assessment Training - 04 Feb Fire Marshal Training - 04 Feb Allergen Awareness Training - 4 Feb Safeguarding Briefings and Workshops - Perry Barr (Spring Term 2020) - 05 Feb Safeguarding Briefings and Workshops - Special Schools (Spring Term 2020) - 06 Feb School Site Safety (2 Day) - 6th & 7th Feb Safeguarding Role of the Governing Board - 06 Feb Safeguarding Briefings and Workshops - Sutton Coldfield (Spring Term 2020) - 10 Feb Food Safety Online- Level 2 - 10 Feb Safeguarding Briefings and Workshops - Selly Oak (Spring Term 2020) - 11 Feb (MIDAS) Minibus Driving (Refresher) - 11 Feb FREE - Road Stars - 11 Feb Health and Safety Refresher for General Assistants - 11 Feb Safeguarding Briefings and Workshops - Hall Green (Spring Term 2020) -12 Feb Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) Training - 12 Feb (MIDAS)Minibus Driving (FULL) - 12 Feb Dangers of drugs and substance abuse in young people - 12 Feb Fire Marshal Training - 12 Feb School Aged Violence Education - 12 Feb Complaints Management for governors and clerks - 12 Feb Safeguarding Briefings and Workshops - Yardley (Spring Term 2020) - 13 Feb Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid - 13 Feb OFSTED - Creating a Culture of Safeguarding - Prevent in Education + QA - 13 Feb Health and Safety for Catering Supervisors - 17 Feb Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work(3 Day) - 17, 18 & 20 Feb Health and Safety for Catering Supervisors - 18 Feb Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (Requalification - 2 Day) - 18 & 20 Feb Menus Development, Food Standards and Supplier Engagement - 20 Feb COSHH/ Manual Handling Refresher Training -21 Feb Duty Holder Training - 25 Feb Dangers of XFR Extremism - 25 Feb Induction Training for New School Governors - 29 Feb MARCH 2020 Dangers of XFR Extremism - 02 Mar Educational Visits Co-ordinator Training - 03 Mar Preparing your Governing Board for Ofsted - 03 Mar Birmingham UNICEF RRSA, Achieving Gold - 04 Mar Duty Holder Training - 09 Mar Food Safety Online- Level 2 - 09 Mar Managing Financial Resources for School Governors - 10Mar Birmingham UNICEF RRSA Achieving Silver - 11 Mar (MIDAS) Minibus Driving (Refresher) - 12 Mar Educational Visits Co-ordinator Revalidation Training - 17 Mar Termly Briefing for Clerks to Governing Boards - 17 Mar Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) Training - 18 Mar Termly Briefing for Chairs of Governing Boards - 19 Mar (MIDAS)Minibus Driving (FULL) - 24 Mar Role of the SEND School Governor - 24 Mar Induction Training for New School Governors - 28 Mar Safeguarding Conference - AM (Spring Term 2020) - 31 Mar Safeguarding Conference - PM (Spring Term 2020) - 31 Mar Birmingham UNICEF RRSA, 101 Ways to Implement RRSA - 01 Apr (MIDAS) Minibus Driving (Refresher) - 02 Apr COSHH/ Manual Handling Refresher Training - 07 Apr Food Safety Online- Level 2 - 08 Apr Menus Development, Food Standards and Supplier Engagement - 09 Apr Health and Safety for Catering Supervisors - 14 Apr Recruitment and Selection for Cityserve - 17 Apr Secure you place here: www.birminghameducationsupportservices.co.uk/Training
Estimated meter readings
11 Dec
Estimated meter readings To minimise the need for estimations and to ensure correct billing, please submit your meter reads regularly. When should I send my meter reads? Meter reads can be submitted at any time, but for accurate billing please submit: Electricity meter reads: between 20th and 28th of each month Gas meter reads: from 25th to the last day of each month How do I give you my meter reads? 1 - The easiest way to submit meter reads is online by clicking here. 2 - You can also do this by calling our Customer Care Team on 0333 003 7874, selecting option 3, then option 1 for gas / option 2 for electricity. 3 - Alternatively, email your meter reads to GP.redhill.WME.BirminghamCity@totalgp.com along with your MPAN/MPR and account number. If you have any queries regarding your readings or billing please call the Customer Services Team on 01737 275693 (Gas) or 01737 275630 (Power). Useful links: PORTAL : https://services.totalgp.com/cas-web/login?service=https%3A%2F%2Fservices.totalgp.com%2Fc%2Fportal%2Flogin FAQS: https://services.totalgp.com/web/tgp/faq/ Tips – High Consumption during school holidays? Causes * The heating is left running during the school holidays and weekends. Weekend and holiday use should be close to zero, with only a small amount of gas used to prevent the water pipes from freezing in really cold weather. * Your thermostats are turned up too high. A 1C decrease in temperature on the thermostat leads to about a 10% decrease in gas consumption. * Your heating comes on too early in the morning. It is normally adequate for your heating to come on between 5.30 to 6.30am. * Your hot water system is left running all year round. What could you do? * Reduce your heating and hot water during the school holidays to as low as 5C * Turn down the thermostat by 1C or more. * Set the boiler to come on later in the morning.
04 Dec
Waterplus - Notice for centrally paid sites Due to ongoing issues with Waterplus consolidated billing, Birmingham City Council have requested all sites to be unconsolidated and billed directly. Letters have been issued by Waterplus advising schools that a new account has been set up from 3rd November 2019. All invoices will now be sent directly to schools for payment. Water Meter Readings Please ensure that you take a reading from your water meter(s) as Waterplus will otherwise estimate your water usage. Water meter readings should be sent directly to Water Plus: 0345 072 6072 | service@water-plus.co.uk Can you move suppliers for water? BCC does not have a contract for water and therefore you are able to move water suppliers. In order to ensure compliance with procurement regulations we would suggest looking into the below framework available from Crown Commercial Services: www.crowncommercial.gov.uk/agreements/rm3790
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Training & Events

28 Feb
IOSH Managing Safely - 24th 26th 27th & 28th February 2020 Start Time: (09:30 - 16:30)
The course will cover the following areas: Assessing and controlling risk Common law liabilities for health and safety failures Criminal law responsibilities for health and safety failures Identifying and controlling specific risks such as fire, electricity, work equipment, display screen equipment, manual handling, noise, and hazardous substances Principles of accident and incident investigation and prevention Measuring safety performance Protecting the environment. By the end of the course you should be able to: Describe the causes of accidents and apply accident prevention principles Outline legal requirements for health and safety Carry out risk assessments, inspections and accident investigations Outline risks associated with a wide range of activities Select appropriate precautions and controls to reduce activity risks Apply management principles to create a positive health & safety culture
02 Mar
Dangers of XFR Extremism
03 Mar
HR Portal Form Raiser Training
This is an interactive session that will allow delegates to log on and access their own school data, while being provided with a comprehensive guide to using the HR Portal. The setting is informal allowing delegates to ask as many questions as needed. The day will cover: - Navigating the Portal - Managing the work list - Information sharing area - Advice and Guidance - Raising and tracking forms - Employee Additional Payments - Recording absence - Amendeing staff details - Portal reports Delegates must have a Portal log in in order to attend this course. If you require a log in, please speak to an existing Form Raiser or Form Authoriser in school who can help arrange this for you prior to making a booking.
03 Mar
Educational Visits Co-ordinator Training - EVC - 3rd March 2020 Full Day Course
The course aims and objectives cover the following areas: Support your establishment to run more high quality visits.. Ensure that your establishment meets your employer's requirements and OEAP National Guidance for visit managment. Share experience and good practice. Identify action points to follow up when you return to your establishment. To achieve these airms and objectives, throughout the course, you will examine the following areas in detail: Core areas. Roles. Benefits of educational visits. Legal expectations. Planning , leading and evaluating visits. Risk benefit assessment.
03 Mar
Preparing your Governing Board for Ofsted
Specifically it covers: • the school inspection framework and criteria under which schools are inspected; • how Ofsted’s inspectors make their judgment about a school; • the documents inspectors will ask to see, and • how you might show the impact of the GB.