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S&GS Service Offer 2018-19

Welcome to the 2018-19 Service Offer from School and Governor Support (S&GS). This brochure, which provides an overview of the services offered to subscribing schools and academies together with the information you will need to access them, is also available at

As before, our support is focused on all aspects of school leadership and management other than those relating to the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning. However, the 2018-19 Service Offer has been given a new and updated look and sets out more clearly the core elements of the service: advice, guidance and consultancy. We continually review our offer to subscribing schools and the invaluable feedback given by headteachers, governors and trustees helps ensure that the service continues to meet your developing needs in the changing educational landscape and crucially provides excellent value for money.

S&GS is a fully traded service and is, therefore, required to recover 100% of its operating costs. For the period 2017-18, 80% of the family of Birmingham schools (both maintained and academies) made the decision to subscribe to S&GS. Your continued support is much appreciated and will only enhance our ability to respond to the wide range of issues that you face on a day-to-day basis.

As a service we appreciate the pressure on school budgets and remain committed to keeping our costs as low as possible. However, in line with the recent Budget Consultation and for the first time in five years, there will be an increase of £100 in our subscription. The subscription charge for 2018-19 will therefore be £2,050. Maintained schools and recently converted academies will be invoiced early in the new financial year. Existing academies will be invoiced, as usual, during September 2018 in line with their own funding arrangements. 

We urge you to take a really good look at our updated service offer laid out in this brochure. We also hope that you will continue to subscribe to S&GS which, you tell us, is highly valued by school leaders and governing boards.

04 May 2018

School and Governor Support
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