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Landlord Approval Asbestos Help & Guidance

Please Note! No works should commence before Landlord Approval is granted. 


Asbestos-related support evidence clarifications for landlord approval applicant schools

1. Asbestos refurbishment/demolition survey
When you commission a survey targeted specifically at the area to be affected by the proposed works, please ensure that the contractor chosen is UKAS accredited for Inspection (and not just a lab accredited for Testing, see also the attached UKAS leaflet), as otherwise we will not be able to accept the survey report as landlord approval support evidence and you will be asked to carry out the survey again. You can find a list of accredited contractors here:

2. Air clearance certification following asbestos removal
Where asbestos-containing materials (ACM) present on the site of the intended works need to be removed and disposed of, and an air clearance certificate issued upon completion of the removal, the organisation certifying the air clearance needs to be UKAS accredited AND appointed directly by the school, and not by the asbestos removal contractor, in order to avoid any conflict of interests.

3. Asbestos awareness training certificates for contractor staff (or evidence of internal asbestos awareness training) – preferably no older than 12 months
If necessary, the contractor can find training providers listed on the UKATA (UK Asbestos Training Association) site, where they can search for a provider close to their location. Some providers also offer asbestos awareness training online , where one can complete the training in one session and have the certificate emailed back to them straight away on completion.

4. Confirmation of how the contractor will deal with the eventuality of encountering any previously undetected, possibly asbestos-containing materials (ACM) during the works (even when a refurbishment survey has been carried out)
This confirmation can either be:
• included in the general risk assessment/method statement (RAMS) submitted for the works, or in the form of a separate RAMS specifically for this purpose, or
• a written declaration emailed to us by the contractor, stating that they will follow the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) em1 guidance (see attached em1) in such an eventuality. For example: "We confirm that in the event of encountering any previously undetected, possibly asbestos-containing materials during the works, we will deal with them according with the HSE em1 guidance, which we are fully familiar with."

04 Oct 2018

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