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G4S - Use of Body Cameras

BCC have been working with G4S to further understand the Body Cameras that are going to be worn by all G4S cash collection officers and the impact that this will have on schools, please see the below information:


Any footage stored is kept no longer than required, is kept securely and can only be accessed by authorised people. G4S is processing such data in accordance with the “legitimate interests” condition that is provided for under GDPR; these legitimate interests include: assisting the police with a criminal investigation, providing a safer working environment for our CVIT drivers, deterring future attacks on CVIT drivers, providing a safer environment for our customers and the general public. 

Having assessed the differing Body Worn Video (BWV) solutions on the market G4S Cash Solutions decided to deploy a Home Office approved device that is widely utilised by UK Police Forces. 

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the deployed technology is to assist in Cash Van In Transit ("CVIT")  crime reduction and use in high risk areas as part of a wider suite of risk mitigation technology and equipment.
The equipment captures evidential compliant footage of offenders during CVIT attacks or suspicious incidents.

How the Technology Works
The Body Worn Video equipment takes the form of a ‘badge’ that is worn on the crew’s body armour and where deployed, it is active while G4S carry out CVIT service. These services may include daytime CIT services and Out-of-Hours ATM services. In the event of an incident that would require the Police to be called the G4S crew will have the ability to capture evidential video and audio footage.
When deployed, the BWV device is “always on” recording constantly into a buffer memory which is being constantly “over written” every few minutes.  In the event of an incident, the G4S crew trigger the camera and the buffer memory is saved along with footage from the point of triggering the BWV device.  In this way, the device will provide the Police with footage of the incident from time of triggering as well as the moments leading up to the incident.
If there is no incident of note or concern throughout a CVIT service, with the device automatically overwriting every few minutes, any footage previously captured within a customer premises would be erased and not recorded by the time the G4S vehicle moves to the next customer site or returns to its home base.

Use of the Recorded Footage
G4S are the Data Controllers of the information collected and will be legally responsible for compliance with GDPR in line with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) guidance.
The BWV unit can only be downloaded once back in the G4S base, and only authorised members of the G4S Cash Solutions Risk Management team are able to view and pass the footage to the Police, and under a prescribed procedure.         
A copy of any customer related footage handed to the police for evidential purposes can also be made available to the G4S’s customer, upon request, for verification and continuity of any investigations.
Footage captured cannot be viewed on, or removed from the device.  All saved files are encrypted, totally secure and cannot be extracted from the device in the event of the unit being lost or stolen.
Every video frame is date and time stamped and all “views” of the footage are also recorded by the software system to provide a full audit trail for the Crown Prosecution Service.
Any footage that is recorded but not sent to the Police is automatically erased after 30 days. The system is widely used by Police forces in the UK and is fully compliant with all data protection legislation.

Action Schools should take

As a school you are advised to inform parents and update your GDPR compliant Privacy Notices (on your websites) to state that G4S will be wearing body cameras when performing cash collections on school grounds. Please inform the parents that the footage captured is overwritten every few seconds, apart from in the event of the body camera being activated (in the event of an attack). 
In the event that a body camera is activated the footage can only be accessed by authorised personnel at G4S as all footage is encrypted. 

Please refer parents to your updated Privacy Notices.

Parental consent will not be required due to the legal basis of this activity. 

09 Oct 2018

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