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Statutory Testing Mandatory Annual Return Form 2018/19

Dear Colleague,

We would appreciate if all Local Authority Maintained schools (Community, Voluntary-Controlled, Voluntary-Aided and Foundation) and Children’s Centres could please complete the attached 2018-19 Statutory Testing Mandatory Annual Return form and email it to  by 
21st December 2018.

Please note that this year we are providing the information in two separate Annual Statutory Testing files

Part 1 – Return Forms includes two forms for you to please complete and submit:

1. A mandatory Declaration of Compliance, asking you to confirm that:

• all testing of equipment and plant has been carried out for 2017-18, 
• arrangements have been made for these tests to be carried out in 2018-19, 
• any recommended remedial works have been completed and
• your Asbestos Management Plan is up to date.

Once completed electronically, the Declaration must be printed and signed by BOTH the Head Teacher/Centre Manager AND (for schools) the Chair of Governors, and then scanned and emailed to Please submit both a completed Excel Version and a scanned copy of the form with signatures.



2. An Outstanding Issues Report (where applicable). Please fill in electronically and email to  in Excel format. 

Part 2 – Guidance and Checklist includes guidance notes and the statutory testing checklist for you to complete and retain for your records and future audit by the LA. 

Further information on the testing requirements can be found in the Property Logbook. For additional advice or guidance, please contact your Education Asset Management Officer on 0121 303 8847 or email

26 Oct 2018

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