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We've made a small change

Since the 21st January Birmingham City Council has been using a recycled photocopier paper called Steinbeis Classic White. 

There are significant environmental benefits to using this paper, in terms of a 100% saving in Wood, as all paper is produced from 100% waste paper and 83% less water and 72% less energy is used in the manufacture of this paper compared to the current Banner branded paper that we previously purchased.  Plus CO2 emissions are 53% less.

In addition to the environmental benefits the Council will save £6.5k per annum by switching to this paper, as the price per box is cheaper and the switch avoids a price increase of 26% on the current Banner branded paper. 

The Steinbeis Paper can be used for virtually all printing and copying needs in daily office life, and is suitable for use on all MFDs and printers.

If you would like to request a free sample of Steinbeis Classic White A4 paper from our contracted suppliers Banner - please email: tina.k.nandra@birmingham.gov.uk

02 Jul 2019

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The Procurement Service
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