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It has been brought to our attention that the below scam is currently being used to target schools.

Outline of scam:

A supplier receives an order for goods, seemingly genuine, complete with a PO number etc., and from an official looking email address.The goods are then delivered to the actual premises of the company the order was purporting to be from.  Within the next few days a courier comes to collect the items back saying they were delivered in error.  The scam relies on the receiver not expecting to receive the goods so then willingly handing them over when a courier appears to collect them saying they’ve been sent in error. Once complete this obviously means that the items are no longer in the possession of the receiving company, or the supplier who has sent them but have of course ended up with the scammer.  

The supplier may or may not be known to receiver but is likely to be a supplier of things like IT equipment phones etc.

Please let your staff know to be on their guard when receiving goods that subsequently are tried to be collected a day or so later.  Don’t let the courier take them without prior contact with the sending company.

10 Sep 2019

Birmingham Education Support Services
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