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Update for School Governors (20 Sept 2019)

It seems unbelievable that this is the last Friday Update in September and next time it will be well and truly Autumn! Hopefully all your children and young people have settled into the new term and school leaders will now be in the process of reflecting on the success of last year’s performance management objectives as well as focusing on the year ahead.


Although the ‘deadline’ for Headteacher appraisal is the end of December, many boards are trying to bring the conversations with the Headteacher closer to that of the rest of the staff.  If you are newly appointed to the appraisal panel, feel like a refresh or are preparing other governors as part of succession planning, you may be interested in our Headteacher Appraisal session on Wednesday 2 October between 6.15 and 8.15 at the Midlands Arts Centre. As an important aspect of the Governing Board’s drive for school improvement, this session aims to be an essential part of the process.


S&GS is really looking forward to meeting up with many of you at the Learning to Shape Birmingham Conference on Wednesday 25 September. Don’t forget to join us for breakfast. The Year of the Governor is shaping up and we have two confirmed dates for your diary (see below) with further details to follow.

23 Sep 2019

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