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Waste and Recycling options for schools and academies

Birmingham City Council commercial waste is by far the greenest waste provider in the Birmingham area. With regards to general refuse we have an exclusively owned ERF (Energy from Waste) plant that is located only 1 mile from the city centre. In short this means that waste is diverted 100% from landfill.
We are the only local waste contractor to have this facility which means that our customers waste will not travel outside the West Midlands. Other local contractors will either use landfill sites or need to export outside the UK. Waste companies that are using the export route will be increasing their charges as there will be a cost implication after Brexit.

Birmingham City Council have a partnership with Smurfit Kappa, meaning that all paper and cardboard stays within the West Midlands and is not exported to China for example.

We can also offer Mixed Recycling, which includes: Glass, plastics, tin cans etc. This is:

· Collected and taken to one of our three waste transfer stations

· Then transferred to our clean local Material-Recycling-Facility (MRF).


Part of a UK circular economy - plastic milk bottles are back on the shelf within three months of you recycling of them

In summary Birmingham City Council offers:

· Waste/Recycling will remain local and not be exported

· All waste will be 100% diverted from landfill

· Best options for recycling


Contact our friendly team on 0121 303 2894  | commercialwaste@birmingham.gov.uk | www.birminghameducationsupportservices.co.uk/Services/4445

13 Feb 2020

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