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Keeping compliant during uncertain times

We are now into the summer term and as the current situation continues please be assured, we are here to support you as you stay open for children of key workers and provide home learning to the thousands of pupils working from home.

If you need any support, please contact us on: cps@birmingham.gov.uk

Keeping Compliant during uncertain times

We understand that you may be struggling to purchase certain items at this present time due to demand pressures on suppliers. Please can you ensure that you continue to use BCC contracted suppliers wherever possible so that you remain protected by BCC terms and conditions as well as the favourable pricing.

If you are unable to source essential supplies/ provisions using the contracted providers please remember that you must continue to abide by schools procedures including seeking VFM and ensuring that if you sign any contracts with suppliers that you fully understand and agree to their terms and conditions, and that these decisions are approved by governors where applicable.

Finding a supplier

Requesting quotations through Finditinbirmingham will be much quicker and require less effort than approaching potential suppliers directly. It will also make your supply needs known to a large number of potential suppliers. Better value for money should therefore result.

To search for suppliers or post an opportunity visit www.finditinbirmingham.com. It is free and takes only a couple of minutes to register.

Updates from our trusted suppliers

For the most up-to-date information on supplier’s during this time, please view the below document:

BCC Supplier updates

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30 Apr 2020

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The Procurement Service
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