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Children's views during COVID-19

The Educational Psychology Service want to hear from children and young people about the COVID-19 Lockdown


A number of guidance documents have been produced by various organisations about coronavirus, but the voices of children are often not included.  The Educational Psychology Service (EPS) have started a project to gather pupil views and we are hoping that this will be a way of highlighting the resilience of children and young people.

We are asking schools and settings to help us to gather children’s views by sending the attached flyer to parents and sharing on your social media platforms (see 'Downloads')From the responses we plan to put together a guidance document similar to this, which will be shared on our website. It will be great to get representation of children of various age groups and from different areas of Birmingham.

We are mindful that there is a lot of information being sent around about coronavirus but we are anticipating that this project is fun for families to be a part of and aims to produce hopeful narratives about children.

We are inviting all children in Birmingham to share their views – please do encourage school staff to ask their children too!

18 May 2020

Birmingham Educational Psychology Service
Birmingham Educational Psychology Service
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