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Have You Considered an Apprenticeship

What is an Apprenticeship?

The term ‘apprenticeship’ means a job with an accompanying skills development programme.

The job must have a productive purpose and should provide the apprentice with the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to achieve the apprenticeship, including the end-point assessment (if necessary) which the employee undertakes as part of their skills development requirements for their job role.

Apprenticeships can be applied to both new recruits and existing staff in roles from entry level up to and including degree level, regardless of age.

They can be undertaken for:

Building the talent pipeline - either for new recruitment or to develop internal talent to fill critical skills gaps

Developing existing staff -  offering a route for anyone who needs to develop new skills due to changes in job roles or job requirements.

For existing staff, the School must have identified a need for the employee to acquire new skills, for example: a recent recruit who does not have the full qualifications needed for the role, job changes as a result of restructures, staff redeployment into new roles, job redesign for other reasons, statutory or regulatory changes requiring new skills, or other service changes.

Offering an apprenticeship is a productive and effective way for Schools to grow their own talent (including targeting roles that are typically hard to fill) to build their future workforce with motivated, skilled and qualified staff.

 Benefits of an Apprenticeship

Benefits include: introducing new ideas to the business; improved staff morale; better staff retention and improved productivity.

  • In addition, by offering apprenticeships you can:

    *   Develop your staff whilst keeping costs down
    *   Develop new recruits to meet your needs
    *   Free up time for your existing employees to work on other projects
    *   Provide your staff the opportunity to gain new skills needed by the School
    *   Encourage employee loyalty
    *   Develop talent to future proof the workforce

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