Sustainable Travel and Road Safety (STARS)

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Modeshift STARS

We’re encouraging all Birmingham schools to join a major effort to increase levels of walking, cycling and other forms of greener travel by registering with Modeshift STARS.

Modeshift STARS is a FREE national award scheme which offers support and rewards to schools for taking steps to promote safer, greener, healthier travel. By participating in the Modeshift STARS scheme your school will be able to produce a new national standard School Travel Plan with an achievable action plan.  This is a positive action your school could get involved in to reduce the car congestion outside your school and improve the air that your pupils breathe.

If you need a little extra support with Modeshift STARS, we offer free training sessions on ‘Getting Started with Modeshift STARS’ and ‘Moving on to Accreditation’. Could your school host one of our Modeshift STARS training sessions? In order to share knowledge and best practise, we aim to deliver training sessions to groups of schools in local clusters. Please email: for further information.

By registering with Modeshift STARS we also offer free staff CPD training sessions covering themes such as clean air and road safety:

Clean Air Cops

Air pollution affects everyone in Birmingham, but especially children. Transport is responsible for around 80% of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and the school gate is a location where we are particularly exposed to this.

Our primary school training package supports school staff to teach the importance of having clean air, how it affects our health and what the school can do to help make the air cleaner.